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Why Choose a CSP Agent?

The world of real estate is ever changing and never seems to remain constant for more than a brief period.  Just a few years ago few agents or homeowners even knew what a short-sale was.  Today the real estate landscape has changed dramatically and the time has come to bring in the certified professional.

A key element in the selling of a property short is knowing who makes the ultimate decision and making sure your proposal will take the least amount of time to process.  With the market conditions in some areas causing a flood of short-sale properties having an experienced and well trained guide will make the process much smoother.

The reason you should choose a Certified Short-Sale Professional is similar to the reason you would select a brain surgeon over a family practitioner to perform brain surgery.  This very complex balancing act of selling your home in a short-sale position is so far away from what the normal real estate agent has experienced.  The risk involved of not completing a short-sale transaction properly is much worse than a situation that an agent is used to … in a normal transaction if the deal does not close the consumer loses mostly just time … in a short-sale if the deal does not close properly you can be foreclosed upon.  With this said a CSP designated agent has two goals:

1) Work with your lender to assist you in resolving the imbalance between home value and mortgage
     debt and

2) Sell your home quickly and as painless as possible.

CSP real estate professionals are expert facilitators of the short-sale transaction – from beginning to end.  Those agents that have earned the CSP Designation recognize the impact that a short-sale can have on the sale of a home and have been prepared to provide that value added service for their clients.  Who better to work through the issues of short-selling your home than the one that is assuming responsibility for the marketing of your home?  Equipped with the knowledge and skills to ensure that your home is fully prepared to present a proposal to the lender, the CSP real estate professional will ensure you have an edge.